Peek Into My Life

We bought our first home and it is all we have ever wanted and  more! Definitely a little fixer upper on the inside, some ugly carpet needs to be pulled up in master suite and stairs, the fireplace needs some aesthetic stuff done, paint scraped off the windows, and some painting done on crown molding and a few walls. But it’s easy stuff. We are floored we got it. If you’ve ever dealt with a “short sale” you understand.

But we prayed and prayed and hoped we’d get it and SOON because we have to be out of our apartment by April 2nd. And amazingly, we heard that we had the house in 30 days. Very unusual for a short sale. It’s on three acres and my photography brain immediately started running. There’s a pond that can be utilized for photos, an old barn that is so cute and charming, we want to get an old junker trunk and use it as a prop eventually, and there is a little building on the property that is the PERFECT size for my office and an indoor studio to do newborn sessions.

We are still in the process of closing but hope, in the coming months, we get everything going and I can show y’all the types of things our home can offer for future photos.

Til next time!


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