Can’t Believe I Never Posted This Session!


I know that some people may think that this is too serious of a photo for this age group, but it speaks to me. This is her defiant look. And it’s scary how much of her Daddy I see in her face when I look at this photo. But dammit, she’s beautiful. lol Funny story behind this, I HAD to get a 7 month photo, I’ve done one for each month since she’s been born. The lighting was PERFECT. However, she was NOT in the mood. She was balling and I was wiping tears between shots. I caught this right after she finally gave up fighting me about it and just decided to stare.

“You can make me wear this headband, and sit in this spot…but you CAN’T make me smile, Mom…” is what I’m getting.

Isn’t it funny how the shots you don’t expect end up absolutely amazing?

Whitley Danielle

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