Charli | 9 Months | Downtown Forney

Talk about LAST MINUTE photo shoot! lol But this is why I love my job! šŸ™‚ Kelly contacted me for Baby C’s 9 month session because her original photographer ( who has kept up by doing Little C’s Newborn, 3 month, & 6 month) was in the process of bringing another little blessing into this world. Well she was pretty anxious and I completely understand being that I did the same with my little Charly for each month until she was a year. šŸ˜‰

I slapped dinner together for my family and rushed to Downtown Forney to grab some quick shots of this gorgeous girl. Check out those eyes! And that outfit!

Her clothes and headband are courtesy of Tiny Turtles. Check them out too if you get a chance!


One thought on “Charli | 9 Months | Downtown Forney

  1. Hey lady when u get some time email me those other shots you got please!!! Thanks a million. People just love these pictures. I am so very happy I found ya!!! Sending business your way!!

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