Baby A | Valentine Mini’s | Downtown Forney

Baby A was the most EASY baby I think I worked with so far. Her mom bought this TOO-DARN-CUTE lace romper & matching headband & let us just keep in mind it was a bit chilly. ANY baby would have balled their eyes out one the blankets came off but Little A just hung out, posed, & smiled! Toooooo cute! I hope I can work with her and mom soon, would love to have mom be in some next time 😉 And how cute is it that her friend Baby K came along too?! They are 12 days apart…can you say BEST FRIENDS FOREVER!

AshleyIMG_4072wm AshleyIMG_4077wm AshleyIMG_4091wm AshleyIMG_4099wm AshleyIMG_4106wm AshleyIMG_4156wm

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