Candy & Vaunn | 13 Year Anniversary | Downtown Rockwall

13 years! Can you believe that?! That’s so awesome. And they were too cute together. Poking fun and just laughing at the silly things. Really carefree and laid-back. I love when I get couples like that. Especially since I had TOTALLY left them waiting because I had their date scheduled in the wrong month on my phone. I could have just died! Thank goodness I was just down the road and they were so nice about it. God was looking down! Aren’t their shirts too cute! They don’t act like they have been together for 13 years. I can only HOPE that my marriage is even half as happy as these two appear to be. 🙂 And that first picture, that was Candy’s idea and there’s meaning behind it: “I can lift you up..” 🙂 Very sweet. Enjoy!

Candy4 Candy3 Candy2 Candy1

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