Ruby | Wedding | Terrell, TX

Well here is my first wedding in almost 3 years…& I have to say with all things considered, I think these came out pretty well. There were some hurdles, not going to lie. Rain caused us to change locations from an outdoor location to the inside of a VERY dark building, we were an hour late to the ceremony, & consequently, I had little light to work with. But Ruby was so fun to be around and I felt very comfortable with their friends & family. I felt like I was home. I hope they don’t take that comment the wrong way. lol For those who don’t know me, I’m originally from Del Rio, TX…a little border town. I really did want to just put my camera away and join the fun because I know that party was just starting when I left. Ruby looked beautiful, her husband looked ecstatic to finally have her all to himself, and I had an awesome time. I love a challenge. 🙂

Ruby6 Ruby5 Ruby4 Ruby3 Ruby2 Ruby1

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