Mini Session Terms & Conditions

Easter Mini 2013

Mini sessions are where I stay at one location and have families come to me at a scheduled time on a pre-scheduled day. They usually range from 15 min-30 min sessions with 3-5 prints on CD and/or print(s) if offered. I can do anywhere from 10-25 people in 1 day.

With that being said, I will usually put a TENTATIVE date of scheduled ship-out time for the CD and/or print(s). This means that I am SHOOTING for that date however, certain circumstances can cause this date to be missed.

I will no longer allow families to pay for extra images. It slows down the rate I can get images posted, packaged & shipped. This was a HUGE issue during Easter Mini’s 2013 and will no longer be allowed. We can definitely schedule a regular session if you would like more images. OR, if discussed, we can see if I can pull more images from your mini session however, you will have to be okay with moving to the END of the line as far as editing goes. If you want more without the hassle, book several slots in sequence and you will get double/triple/etc the time, & double/triple/etc the images on CD.

I do NOT let you PICK the pictures that will be put on disc. I will listen to your wants. I encourage families to tell me what shots they liked at the shoot and hope to be on their CD. I do my best to pull those photos. I also do not give out UNEDITED images. It is a rule across the board for everyone.

Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE. This is very clear during payment in the details section of my ETSY Listing. If something comes up and you cannot make the session, it can be used for credit towards my next available mini. BUT it cannot be used after that. It is only good for the NEXT mini session.

The remaining balance of your mini is due at time of service. I take cash, credit/debit card, paypal, or check (Made out to Whitley Danielle Smith).

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