Newborn Session Info

This session is so important it gets it’s own page. Let me start by congratulating you because if you are here, obviously you have just had a baby! Newborn sessions are a chance for me to be creative and be around an adorable, cuddly little newborn. While there are a ton of things that must come together to make a Newborn Session (NS) run smoothly, the more important thing for us to remember is to be PATIENT! We are on baby’s schedule at this point and it isn’t uncommon for a NS to last up to 3 hours.

There is a lot of preparation that goes into a NS including searching for awesome props, cleaning blankets & wraps, cleaning my gear & flooring, etc. Every NS is unique & different and rightfully so because your baby is unique and unlike any other baby IN THIS WORLD. I like the photos to be a reflection of your likes & what makes your family YOU & the preferences & tastes y’all have (black & whites, girly-girl props, earthy tones, outdoor locations, sports/armed forces related, etc); so feel free to send me pictures you have seen or ideas you have. I give  my number out for a reason because I want to be in constant contact with my clients, especially with a shoot like this.

I do my very best to make my parents feel as comfortable as possible but there are a few things you can do prior to my arrival (or your arrival to me) to make your NS go as smooth as can be. Read on to see tips 🙂


Unless you are having a scheduled birth (induction, etc), it’s hard to plan months out to book your session. But ideally, please keep in contact with me so that I can keep some time open just in case the little guy/gal decides to finally bless us with their presence. If you are scheduling your birth, then let me know and we can choose a day that works with both our schedules.

Ideally the session should take place 0-11 days after birth and no longer than 2 weeks if you want the BEST possible results. Shoot me an email (or designate someone) so we can schedule as soon as you deliver. I often times will add Moms to my Facebook if they are comfortable with it so I know when baby is born and have a heads up so I’m ready.


A majority of the time, the NS will take place in your home. If the weather is warm, and you are comfortable with the idea, we can move the session outside on your patio or backyard. I have even had moms drive to country roads or fields. They come out fantastic however, it takes some courage and a little splash of CRAZY to do this and I understand that most moms (especially first timers) want to keep it mellow and safe and I am all for that too. 😉 Do not, I repeat DO NOT clean up your house! It is beautiful clutter, a canvas that paints the beginnings of a new life in this world. Leave the dishes in the sink and the boob pump on the couch. I’ll most likely move furniture anyway so things will get a little cattywhompus anyway. I promise to put it all back though. 😉

I do also provide NS in my own home in my office/studio. This is fine, however, babies do much better in your environment, where smells/sounds/etc are familiar.


Loosen baby’s diaper about 30 minutes prior to shooting. We will do most shots in the buff and we don’t want little lines on their tush.

I like to show up when baby is just about to feed. A full baby is happy, sleepy baby. If you are coming to me, I like for you to keep them awake as long as possible and feed when you get here. Have extra bottles prepared (unless you are nursing) because you will be feeding throughout the session.

Bring extra blankets and wipes because usually they have an accident or two. No big deal, it’s washable. 😉


Turn the heat up to AT LEAST 80-85 degrees 30-35 minutes before I arrive. One of the biggest reasons for why babies just won’t stop fussing and stay still is because they just aren’t warm enough. It will get toasty but baby will love it.

Gather all items you may want to use before I arrive. Consider family heirlooms, monogrammed blankets, baskets, bowls, sports related (footballs, baseball glove, etc), interesting furniture, etc. I may not get a chance to use them all but we will go through them together and figure out what the most important are to you and work our way from there.

Open all blinds and curtains to let in as much natural light as possible. I will walk through your house to determine which room will work best. Sometimes it’s in the foyer, by a back door, or even on a patio if it’s a warm day. But usually it’s wherever there is large window, or multiple windows in one area.


Be patient and calm. Try not to freak out if baby won’t cooperate. Babies can sense our anxiety and we want to keep the environment as peaceful as possible. We will get baby comfortable again by feeding, diaper changes, & cuddling. If that doesn’t work, we will break or work with what baby is giving us. Sometimes the best shots are when they aren’t doing what we want. If you are ever uncomfortable with any of the poses, let me know. I will not be offended. I want you to have shots that you want without scaring you or worrying you.

If, for some reason, we don’t get anything at all after three hours MAXIMUM, I will reschedule with you for no extra charge. I want you to be happy because this is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

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